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What we do

Affiliate Marketing

Like a captain should, we guide only the right customers to you with highly ranked websites that make it easy for potential leads to find us through search engines. We grow your brand with engaging content and community building.

+ How does it work?

We create engaging content about your brand.

Our audience is made aware of your services.

Highly-targeted leads flow to your website.

We only earn when you earn.


As part of our marketing strategy, we build expertly crafted PPC campaigns that will set your conversion rates on fire. We analyze and crunch the data of each campaign to constantly improve its performance, so that you stay on top of the game.

Email marketing

We create engaging email marketing campaigns that put your brand at the forefront. Built around your objectives, our email campaigns are designed with care and results in mind, and it shows.

How we’re different

Quantifiable results

Our business model is made to provide minimum risk to growing companies. We only get paid when the customer converts, thus the operator only pays for quantifiable results.


At Lonely Captain, we create more than websites, we create communities. We help customers find their "tribe" and encourage them to share their experiences, which increases engagement.

Featured case study


Providing carefully created content to help brands get noticed is what we've been doing since the start, but we also never underestimated the power of engagement. That's why we helped our client's flagship site Catzino get tools to analyze their content and improve their conversion rate. The Lonely Captain team is always there to listen and help its clients to use the data that really matter to their business. Over the years, that approach has helped us build strong relationships with our clients.


We've been working with Lonely Captain since day one to promote our luxury properties, and they've been providing us with the best leads over the years.

Phil, elina.

Working with Lonely Captain is a no brainer for us, their performance in lead generation is among the best. We are proud to be one of their clients.

David, Jane Music Agency


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